MASS – Gold Accreditation 2016 17

MASS – Gold Accreditation 2016/17

MASS were awarded the highest level of accreditation by the University of Leicester Students’ Union, during my time as President. Only ten societies within the whole university achieved this. One of the reasons we got this was due to my own personal level of commitment and dedication.

The Leicester Award Gold Future Leaders

The Leicester Award Gold: Future Leaders

I took an extra course called The Leicester Award Gold: Future Leaders at the University of Leicester to help improve my leadership skills further. I attended a number of sessions, teaching me a variety of skills. I successfully completed and passed the award.

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MASS Member of the Year 2015

I won the national award MASS Member of the Year 2015 due to my hard work and dedication to the MASS society throughout my time as a member at the University of Leicester. I was happy to receive appreciation for my dedication and hard work.