Insane Tech

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I am the Managing Director of a company called Insane Tech.

I have recently been working on my own projects, and doing freelance work for people as well.

I eventually want to have my own successful company, and I am doing a number of things to make sure I achieve my ambitions.

Some of the things I have done include:

  • Developed websites for clients
  • Providing freelance work on Fiverr
  • Developed my own personal website
  • Currently developing my company website, which is currently a tech news website
  • Developed a Twitter feed that has gained over 30,000 followers
  • Provided tech support to family, friends, and businesses
  • Actively involved in the Leicester Tech Startups community
  • Gained experience with a number of new technologies
  • Purchased artwork and branding for my company

Website: https://www.InsaneTech.UK

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